Wraplife Project with SWF Coastal Selection

Avery Dennison is focused on delivering the ultimate solution for car owners, collaborating closely with our partners and best installers in the world. A special project including star players from Australia, Europe and the US in the wrap world was born, where wrapping and custom culture came together.

A once-in-a-life-time opportunity, Justin Pate from The Wrap Institute (US/EU), Nick Caminiti from Exotic Graphix (AU), and Joffrey van der Jagt from Prowrap Professional Car Wrapping (EU) gathered Down Under for the Wraplife Project! 

The team was confronted with complex curves, recesses and overall scale of the classic 1934 Ford custom hotrod and matching 1946 COE International truck to be wrapped and showcased within 48 hours at a car show.

Reminiscent of natural coastal elements, the newest Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping™ Film (SWF) coastal collection inspired the two time Wrap Like A King champion Nick Caminiti to have an aqua blue theme that still honors the classic design of the vehicles.

To accentuate the designs, the SWF diamond series were also used when combined with Nick’s signature techniques.

Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping films feature:

  • Outstanding durability and performance
  • Excellent conformability around curves and recesses
  • Faster installation and higher quality results, thanks to Avery Dennison® patented Easy Apply RS™ adhesive technology
  • Ease of removability, even after long term use

In less than 48 hours, the Wraplife team played on each other’s expertise as well as leveraged on the strength of Avery Dennison SWF materials to get the job done, before enjoying a barbeque to celebrate the Wraplife! 

Whether it is paint, engine work or wrapping, the Avery Dennison team shares the passion with the community like one, big family. 

Watch more about the Wraplife Project video here and we would love to hear what you think!

“I just love the SWF diamond series. It reminds me of custom paint so much that it is almost like Exotic Graphix’s signature. We print our designs on laminate which gets our colours punchy like candy. We then laminate them onto the diamond series before laminating again. I just love the effect and almost all my custom cars have the diamond series.” — Nick Caminiti, Exotic Graphix